An article in The Sunday Times has sparked talk that we can expect the open Home beta by 17 December.

In an article explaining Sony's long-awaited virtual world, the newspaper advised readers that Home was "slated for release in the next 10 days".

That's the first we'd heard of any specific date besides "before the end of the year", so where that date has come from is rather interesting.

It would of course fit in with Sony's end of year promise on the open beta, and is a good few days before the Christmas holiday too, in case anything should go drastically wrong once it's unleashed on the public.

Whether the date is true or not, it's certainly looking positive that we will see it before the end of 2008 - otherwise Sony is leaving it seriously late to drop the bombshell.

We'll keep you in the loop with any Home news we hear - but either way, it seems there won't be much longer to wait.