The online SonyStyle PS3 price cuts we told you about yesterday have got nothing to do with Sony, the platform holder has confirmed.

"SonyStyle and Sony Centres are franchises. We deal with them as we do any other retailer and they have their own freedom to create offers and promotions, just as other players in the market can do", said a Sony spokesperson.

SonyStyle has dropped its prices for the 80GB and 40GB PlayStation 3s to £259 and £249 respectively which is the cheapest out there at the minute for console only.

However other retailers like Amazon and Game are offering value-for-money game and console bundles which might work out cheaper in the long run.

Sony has said openly that it has no planned price drops for the near future, although a leaked memo from the annual Sony staff meeting suggested that PS3 pricing was set to get "more competitive" in 2009.