Sony has announced that the release of SOCOM: Confrontation has been pushed back to "early 2009".

The game was originally set for release today, and up until last night, some retailers still had the date as a guideline for buyers.

So far, Sony has given no reason for the delay of the tactical PS3 shooter.

SOCOM: Confrontation was released in the States a while back now, which means if you're really desperate you can get around the delay by purchasing tha game from the US PlayStation store.

Of course that involves all sorts of things like faking addresses and buying pre-paid PSN cards from eBay, but where there's a will there's a way.

If you wait for the UK version though, you will get a Bluetooth headset bundled with the game, which proves pretty useful in games like this.

There's also been rumours that the US version has a number of bugs on it that will be fixed for its European release. Maybe that's what's caused the delay?

We'll keep you up to date with any news we get.