Sony Europe has confirmed it will be sending out over 100,000 invites to gamers for the Home closed beta today.

The invites coincide with the launch of v1.0 of Sony's virtual world, according to the official European PlayStation forum.

And that's not all. Next Thursday "another larger batch of invitations will be sent", so if you haven't received one today, you may just get one next week - if you're a "loyal" enough PS3 gamer, of course.

But if you get missed off of both, the open beta is said to be "not far behind" the closed beta.

The PlayStation Home update will see a number of changes, including background downloading, more dance moves, and a club support system. A full list of all the alterations can be found on the European PlayStation forum.

If you're one of the lucky ones with an invite, leave us your thoughts on the beta in the comments section below.