Ubisoft has announced it will bundle the official Sony PS3 Bluetooth headset with the Limited Edition version of Tom Clancy's EndWar.

The headset will allow you to make the most of the voice command support the game offers for things such as giving orders.

The Limited Edition is selling for £59.99 with online retailer Play, and seems to be the only place you can get your hands on it at the moment.

The price seems pretty steep considering that most Bluetooth headsets work with PS3, so the one you got bundled with your latest phone will no doubt pair with your PS3 without a problem.

Of course, the fact the bundled headset is an official PS3 peripheral is handy, as it comes with a charging cradle, USB to USB mini calbes and a number of other features that are honed towards playing games.

Tom Clancy's EndWar is set for release on November 7th for Xbox 360, PS3, PSP and DS.