Despite impressive price cuts on the Xbox 360 recently, it seems PlayStation 3 has somehow managed to outsell Microsoft's console worldwide for the three months ending 30th September.

Sony's recently-published Q2 FY 2008 figures show that 2.43 million PS3 consoles were sold during the period, which is almost double what was sold at the same time last year. It was also found that sales of PS3 games doubled too.

Microsoft, on the other hand, has told the AFP recently it sold 2.2 million 360s in the same period.

We're no doubt as surprised as you at these figures, especially considering all the news of Xbox sales boosts following the price cuts, and how well the console has been doing in both Japan and the UK for some time now.

However, while this may be one battle won by Sony, the PS3 is still dwarfed in the number of overall sales worldwide. Sony's console stands at around 16.84 million installed units, while there are some 24 million homes with Xbox 360s in.

Who'll win on the run up to Christmas? Watch this space.