Sony has published its latest financial results, and while it's good news for PlayStation 3, it's not quite the same story for the PS2 and PSP.

Sales of PlayStation 3 titles have soared over the past year, doubling from 10.7 million to 21.1 million units just in the three months to the end of September.

However, this was unfortunately not enough to offset the year-on-year decline of its sister consoles' game sales.

PSP game sales fell by 0.8 million units to 11.8 million, while PS2 games took the biggest hit, dropping by 14.9 million units to 23.1 million.

The company also mentioned that the inventory was down on last year''s figure of $2.3bn $47.2 million. Ouch.

However, Sony has also said that it was up by over 52% on Q1 sales compared with the previous year, which has to sweeten the blow somewhat.