LittleBigPlanet is still having its teething problems it seems, as Media Molecule has had to turn off the LBP servers having turned them on just yesterday.

"Great gremlins and ghosts!" said the post on the developer's website.

"The servers are down while we try to fix the glitching issues some players have experienced. They will be back online as soon as we have fixed the problem. Keep your browsers pointed at this post for updates."

Of course, European gamers will not be affected by this problem as we're still awaiting the game after the first little hiccup in its release. For those of you that have been sleeping for the past week or so, the game was recalled after a background song was found to contain potentially offensive lyrics linked to the Qu'ran.

We can now expect the game on our shelves in the UK on 5th November. Reviews suggest it'll be worth the wait.