PlayStation 3 sales have continued to drop in Japan, so much so this week that its predecessor, the PlayStation 2, has outsold it for the second week running.

Figures from Media Create say that the PS2, released in Japan eight years ago, sold 8618 units for the week ending October 5th, compared to 7232 sales for PlayStation 3.

And although Xbox's 360 is still outselling its next-gen rival in Japan, having sold 8271 units in the same week, it is still not being beaten by the console released nearing a decade ago.

However despite all this, Nintendo Wii continues to prove popular in Japan and sold more than PS3, PS2 and 360 combined last week, with 25,330 units sold.

Nintendo's handheld also dominates its market over there too, selling 42,385 in the past week, while the PSP sold 26,045.