Sony and Insomniac Games have announced a worldwide co-op and multiplayer beta test for Resistance 2.

The beta test will take place in October and those keen to get on board for a first peek have to options of getting in - premier and open.

Premier guarantees you a spot on the list, as long as you live in Europe. All you have to do is buy episode 3 or an annual subscription to Qore, the online PS3 mag, and you'll automatically get selected.

The cheaper, but riskier option is to opt for Open access, which means you putting your name on a list on the Resistance 2 beta site. You'll then just have to wait and hear if you have been chosen.

Resistance 2 is set for release in the US on 4th November, Japan on the 13th November, while Europe has just been told "November" sometime at the moment. Any updates on that when we get them.