Sony has announced a whole host of new SingStar games during its Leipzig press conference.

Karaoke fanatics cans look forward toward to SingStar Volume 3 for PS3, SingStar Disney and SingStar Queen for PS2, and downloadable SingStar PS3 song packs. Get your mics at the ready...

SCEE boss David Reeves also revealed that you will be able get your favourite SingStar PS2 track on to PS3 due to an upcoming firmware update. No, this won't let you save them to hard disc, but will allow you to swap discs and use the PS2 songs without exiting the PS3 software - no backwards compatibility required.

Artists you can expect to find on PS3 Volume 3 include old crooner Barry Manilow, Michael Jackson, The Black Eyed Peas and Katrina and the Waves.

SingStar Disney for PS2 is to include songs from all your Disney favourites including The Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella, The Jungle Book and The Little Mermaid. Out sometime in the autumn, call us big kids, but we can't to bust out King of the Swingers at the top of our lungs.

As for the song packs mentioned, the first two will each have five songs from the Queen, costing EUR 6.99 and be released in September. As mentioned, a whole game dedicated to the legendary rockers is planned for PS2 which will no doubt be crammed full of karaoke favourites.

Check out the gallery for some screenshots of the Disney game. Did we mention we can't wait?