Sony has announced it will be releasing two new EyeToy: Play games for the PS2 this year.

Yes, you read that correctly. The game will be released for, and only for, the PlayStation 2 - not the PlayStation 3. Something we're sure PS3 owners will be none too happy about.

Still, it makes sense for Sony. Considering the number of PS2s out there, and the success of the EyeToy (which will be used with the game), the combination of the two should be a good in the fight against the Wii takeover.

Sony will be using new colour tracking technology, meaning the EyeToy will be able to track and detect coloured objects instead of motion alone.

The two games are due to be released around Christmas this year, and the one that sounds the most exciting (read: most likely to make us feel like big kids) is Hero - a first person perspective sword fighting game. It comes complete with a florescent toy sword that you can swoosh around to your heart's content, battling the bad guys.

These are the times PS3 users really care about backwards compatability. When there are florescent swords involved.