You can now play Crysis on your PS3, with your PS3 controller - or any of your other PC games for that matter.

Yes indeed. Streaming software by StreamMyGame, that enables PC games to be played on the PlayStation 3, now enables you to play PC games with your PS3 Sixaxis controller as well.

The new StreamMyGame PlayStation 3 player includes a USB and Bluetooth pairing tool that enables the Sixaxis to be used either via cable or wirelessly.

"Both our new StreamMyGame PS3 player and the Bluetooth tool install automatically, just download and double click" said Richard Faria, CEO of StreamMyGames.

"In addition to streaming games from your local PC, the new player enables games to be streamed from remote PCs or PC servers housed in ISP exchanges".

Also included is a new configuration tool that enables gamers to map each Sixaxis button and thumb controller to a different keyboard key and mouse axis, meaning gamers can create map settings that suit their preferred gameplay.

"The ability to use the Sixaxis to play PC games on the PS3 enables our PS3 customers to use a gaming control they are already familiar with and the flexibility to play games the way they want," said Richard.