Sales figures released by Sony for the first quarter of the year have shown big improvements in figures, pretty much across the board.

The PlayStation 3 hit 1.56 million units between April and June 2008 - more than double the amount 700,000 sold during the same period last year.

PSP sales were also up on 2007 - racking up 3.72 million sales compared to 2.13 million units last year.

Worldwide software sales for the PS3 were up by a massive 18.1 million, with 22.8 million games sold during the first quarter.

PSP title sales increased by a respectable 2 million, and totalled 11.8 million for the same period.

The only console in Sony's portfolio to let the side down was the PlayStation 2, which dropped to 1.51 million units sold for the three month period. Software sales hit 19.3 million units. Still not bad for a console knocking on the door of being a decade old.

The company predicts it will sell another 10 million PS3 untils and 15 million PSPs before the year is out.