So Microsoft may have got its hands on a PlayStation exclusive recently, with the news that Final Fantasy XIII is heading over to the Xbox 360, but it seems Sony Computer Entertainment boss Kaz Hirai would rather, well, die, than see that happen the other way around.

Talking in an E3 interview with Swedenish daily Aftonbladet, Hirai said he would rather take a bullet to the head than choose an exclusive 360 title to have on his platform.

It certainly seems a little excessive. But then, as many internet users have discussed, could he have got away with answering it any differently? It's all well and good saying you like a game, but declaring you would like it on your platform is a different matter, and is ultimately great publicity for Microsoft.

The conversation went as follows:

Aftonbladet: If you had to choose ONE exclusive Xbox 360 title and launch it for the PS3 instead, which game would it be?

Hirai: I don't think I have to choose any.....

Aftonbladet: You have to pick one.

Hirai: Again, I don't think I have to pick one because we have such a fantastic lineup of games.

Aftonbladet: But if someone is holding a gun to your head and you have to choose one. Which game would it be?

Hirai: Okay.. then they have to shoot me, because I really don't think we need any.

So what do you think? What Xbox exclusives would you like to see on PS3?