SCEE president David Reeves has told gamers to expect global announcements and "blockbuster" revelations at the upcoming Leipzig Game Convention.

Following a solid E3 outing, Sony is looking to dominate at Leipzig. However, Reeves was quick to stress that the announcements would not just be relevant to European gamers, but worldwide.

“It’s not just Euro-centric – there will be some global announcements,” he said. “The announcements we make will be more important for the local markets that come to Leipzig.

"And it’s not just Leipzig, it’s Game Convention – if we had one in London we’d do it in London. We have a number of things which is real blockbuster stuff for Europe.”

Reeves also spoke about Sony's aim to spread its most high profile messages across the three key territories to ensure maximum impact in those areas - those obviously being E3 (America), Leipzig (Europe) and the Tokyo Game Show (Japan).

“We feel now that we have a pattern globally which is E3, Tokyo Games Show and Leipzig – it gives us three bites of the cherry to come out with our announcements," said Reeves.

"We cannot tailor all our announcements to July.”