Ever since the recent PS3 firmware update, we've been hearing all sorts about the trophies that were added, what they are and how you can get them.

Now 2K producer Alyssa Finley has explained on the PlayStation blog how you will be able to collect trophies in the PS3 version of BioShock.

They'll range from bronze to platinum, and are designed to entice you to explore Rapture that little bit more deeply.

Bronze will be given to gamers who research, modify weapons, hack and craft, with each skill apparently so loaded with awards you could find yourself up to "your armpits in prizes" according to Finley. Nice.

Silver trophies will be a little more hard to achieve, the one example used by Finley was the historian award that would be given to those who find all the audio diaries hidden in Rapture. These diaries will reveal lots of back-story events that unfold during the game, which we reckon make them definitely worth seeking out anyway.

Gold trophies are saved for those playing BioShock multiple times. For example, "Brass Balls" will be awarded to anyone completing the game on hard mode with Vita-Chambers (respawn points) turned off.

Finally, the big one - the platinum trophy - is reserved for those who can "take down a Big Daddy without shivering" which we guess means without losing any health.

BioShock is out in October, so you can try to get your hands on the trophies then.