So America has it, but it seems us gamers in the PAL territories will have to wait a little longer to see the PS3 video store on our screens.

Sony Europe boss David Reeves has confirmed that the video store will not launch in Europe and surrounding areas in 2008.

"This will not come to the PAL markets this year," Reeves said at a SCEE event in Santa Monica on Thursday

"But," he continued, "Sir Howard Stringer has made the commitment that it will come to all regions in due course, and it will.

"The dates and content for the video download service will be announced later this year.

"For us...local content is key and that is exactly what we're working on right now."

Sony's video store allows gamers in the US to rent and buy both standard and high definition films which can be downloaded and stored on the PS3 hard disk.

Even better than that, you can transfer them over to your PSP and watch them on the go too.

No more specific details on the PAL video store was announced, with Reeves instead trying to fob us off with the launch of Go!View in the UK and Ireland as a potential consolation for the wait. Nice try Reeves.