Our weekend is now sorted as Sony has updated the SingStore with a whopping 18 English songs, with 15 others for European gamers.

The Rasmus get a five songs in the update which is good news if you're a fan of theirs, not so good if not. But there is still plenty to choose from from the other 13.

Perhaps you'll fancy the catchy "Hey Ya!" by Outkast or the more chilled "Coffee and TV" by Blur. Whatever your mood, there's certainly a wide selection to choose from that includes Blue, Coldplay, Placebo and The Ting Tings.

Songs on the SingStore just 99p, which certainly racks up if you buy all 18.

Here's the full list:

* Blue, One Love
* Blur, Coffee & TV
* Coldplay, Fix You
* David Bowie, Absolute Beginners
* Hanna Pakarinen, Leave Me Alone
* Hard-Fi, Cash Machine
* OutKast, Hey Ya!
* Placebo, Nancy Boy
* Saybia, The Day After Tomorrow
* Sunrise Ave, Fairytale Gone Ball
* The Offspring, Self-Esteem
* The Rasmus, In My Life
* The Rasmus, No Fear
* The Rasmus, Shot
* The Rasmus, Chill
* The Stone Roses, She Bangs The Drums
* The Ting Tings, Great DJ
* Sanna Nielsen, Empty Room

Sing your heart out, SingStar fans.