Sony is to launch a new, even slimmer version of the PlayStation 2 in October.

Pegged for release in India and Europe simultaneously, the fourth generation PS2 will come with a built-in AC power adaptor, although pricing is expected to remain the same.

SCE India will also be launching the PlayStation Network for PS3 in the region shortly.

SCE PlayStation country manager Atindriya Bose said:

“The PlayStation Network is ready for India. It is only the integration of the payment gateway that needs to be done.We shall launch it by the end of this fiscal."

The PlayStation 2 has remained a popular console even eight years after its launch. SCE are hoping to grow its gamer base by marketing the PS2 as a gaming console for novices of all age groups.

“PS2 is an entry-level console, which helps first timers to enter the gaming zone,” added Bose.