Role-playing game enthusiasts can add this title to their wanted list. Although we knew that Ascaron Entertainment would be releasing Sacred 2: Fallen Angel on Xbox 360 and PC, those sneaky developers have just announced it will be available on PlayStation 3 too.

Heiko tom Felde, Managing Director of Ascaron Entertainment GmbH. "We've been working on this version for more than a year, and can now proudly reveal it and its new features, to an entirely new audience."

The PS3 version of Sacred 2: Fallen Angel will feature enhanced graphics, 5.1 Channel Dolby Surround Sound and support drop-in cooperative play, as well as other multiplayer gaming modes via the internet.

The game also features two-player shared-screen gaming on one console – you simply have to simply pick up a controller, press "Start" and join in.

Players can save their characters and use them in all game modes – allowing the same character to be used both in single-player or multiplayer modes, accumulating experience and loot seamlessly. Plus, the controls and interface have been developed from scratch for the PS3 to ensure fluid and intuitive game play optimized for the platform throughout.

Keep an eye out for it on the shelves around autumn time - we'll let you know when we get an official release date.