Sony has updated the PlayStation Network with a couple of demos for the PS3 and PSP, as well as a number of packs for the PSP navigation software Go!Explore.

For the PS3, you can now download a demo of Robert Ludlum's The Bourne Conspiracy, a few days later than it was released on Xbox Live. There is also a demo of Sega's adaptation of movie smash Iron Man, though whether the game rings up the same success remains to be seen.

PSP users get two versions of Everybody's Golf 2 demo, one for beginners and one for intermediates, and an Ultimate Board Games demo.

As for the eight new Go!Explore packs, they cover areas across the world including France, Italy, Scandinavia, Spain & Portugal and the UK & Ireland, each costing £14.99 each. There's even one entitled "Western" but it's anyones guess what that includes.

Plus, if you like reskinning your consoles, you can now download a Pixeljunk Monsters Encore theme and wallpaper for PS3, or echochrome wallpaper for both PS3 or PSP.

Head on over to check it all out.