It's not great news for Sony's next-gen PlayStation 3 console at the moment. First, it loses the sales battle against Xbox 360 for GTA IV and now it appears it's even losing the sales battle against it's older sibling.

The PlayStation 2, now nearing its eighth birthday, has outsold the PS3 by over four million in 2008, according to the latest sales figures.

Despite the age of the console, it seems its legacy lives on in gamers, with 13.73 million units sold globally during the fiscal year 2008.

The PS3 sold only 9.24 million worldwide.

Sales are, however, up for the PS3 by 156% over the previous year, while PS2 saw a drop in sales of 7%.

Sony's biggest seller this year though was the PSP, which sold 13.9 million units globally, which saw sales rise by 46%.

But when it came to games sales - PS2 was still the clear winner. Despite software sales leaping 335% for PS3 this year, 57.9 million games were bought, compared to 154 million for the PS2.

Game sales for the PSP were up 1% to 55 million.

Phew, get your head round those numbers.