The president of Insomniac Games, Ted Price, spoke to gamers at Sony's PlayStation Day to reveal a little more about Resistance 2, the long-awaited to sequel to Resistance: Fall of Man.

Apparently Resistance 2 will "focus equally on four areas" - community, campaign, co-op and competitive.

The storyline will reveal more about Hale's background and the origins of the Chimera, and will feature the possibility for eight-player co-op, with its own separate storyline, characters and rewards.

The multiplayer mode has been redesigned too to support up to 60 players.

Price said the new multiplayer was all about "battles within battles" - so each 60-person fight will involve five smaller fights between squads, with each squad being given dynamic objectives. is also set for a revamp, with Price promising that it will offer "the kind of social features you'll find in sites like Facebook", all of which will be tied into the game.

Resistance 2 hits the shops in November, just in time for Christmas. Better pop it on your list for Santa then.