Sony Computer Entertainment Europe has announced that its SingStar franchise has sold 12 million units across PAL regions to date – with 5 million of those between April 2007 and March 2008.

First released in 2004, the popular karaoke game has also seen sales from SingStore, the online shop where PS3 users can buy extra tracks, hit one million downloads across PAL since December 2007.

PS3 users have also been signing up "en masse" for My SingStar Online, the title's social network, where 140,000 registered users have shared over 20,000 videos of their SingStar performances.

"SingStar's success is built upon simple and entertaining game play", said Paulina Bozek, executive producer of SingStar.

"Historically we have added new music tracks to keep the experience fresh but the arrival of PS3 has allowed us to think differently. We can now take advantage of the next-generation features to take the next step forward in the SingStar experience."

"The launch of SingStore and My SingStar Online is the realisation of this and the experience is now more user-focused, personalised and interactive."