We've had more confirmation that PlayStation Home will be open to everyone before the year is out, thanks to PS Home director Jack Buser.

"Like we've said, we're excited about moving PlayStation Home into its open beta stage this year. Once we make the move to open beta, everyone will have access to PlayStation Home", said Buser.

The first invites for the Home closed beta were sent out to hundreds of thousands of gamers, and more are expected to be sent invites today.

We've always been told that the open beta would not be far behind the closed beta, and it seems that that phase is nearing completion.

"PlayStation Home is nearing the final stages of our closed beta. Last week we successfully moved to our 1.0 client, which places us on schedule for the launch of open beta this year", Buser added.

Sony hasn't had the best track record with Home, as the virtual world has been marred with delays on a number of occasions since it was announced in March 2007.

Hopefully Buser means what he says, and if he does, there shouldn't be much longer to wait.