Sony has announced that its on-demand video service for PSP, Go!View goes live in the UK and Ireland from today.

Following its Beta release in July, Go!View has now been fully updated to the full version, and there's a 30 day free trial going of all three subscription packs for PSP users to try out before they sign up.

You can choose from the Entertainment, Sports and Comedy packs, or opt for all three for the best choice of video content on the move. There are top movies and TV shows to rent singularly as well.

Subscription packs are priced at £5 for 1 pack, £8 for 2 packs and £10 for all three packs, per month

Rental TV on the other hand is is available from £1.50 per episode and the movies start from £2.50 each.

Head over to the Go!View website for more information on all the services offered.