The developers behind LittleBIGPlanet have expressed their disappointment at the delay of the long-awaited game, after an offensive lyric found in a backing track for the game called for a worldwide recall.

Alex Evans, one of the founders of Media Molecule, wrote on the company's blog saying: "As some of you may have noticed, LBP has been slightly delayed in some territories. At MM we were as shocked and dismayed by this as anyone - shellshocked and gutted. We can’t wait for you all to get playing and creating!"

"We learnt yesterday that there is a lyric in one of the licensed tracks which some people may find offensive, and which slipped through the usual screening processes. Obviously MM and Sony together took this very seriously. LBP should be enjoyable by all."

Alex then promised the team sprung in to action to get the problem sorted as soon as possible.

"Within 12 hours of hearing about this issue involving a lyric (in Somalian, I believe!), Media Molecule had prepared an automatic day 0 patch and had a new disk image ready; however a decision was made within Sony that the right thing to do for quality and support of people with no on-line was to replace existing disks."

He added: "Apologies to everyone excited to play the game and I can assure you that when it arrives, it will be worth the wait! We want everyone to be able to enjoy the game, and this tweak should help - we’re just gutted it couldn’t be sooner".

You get the idea, they're gutted. At least we now know we can expect the game in the UK "no later" than the week beginning 3 November according to Sony, although gamers in North America will be able to get their hands on it on 27 October.