Thrustmaster has launched its T-X3 Charge Hub for PS3, which will give three additional USB powered ports to the gaming console while also acting as a storing and charging unit for two PS3 controllers.

Current PS3s only come with two USB ports, so the T-X3 Charge Hub is a great option for those looking to play with four or more controllers or peripherals attached to the console at the same time.

As each USB port is fully powered, there is no power loss from the peripheral, ensuring it performs to its maximum potential. There won't ever be any compatibility issues either, as the T-X3 is 100% compatibile with all current PS3 controllers and peripherals, from microphones to joysticks.

The T-X3 is also completely "Plug and Charge", so there is no need for any additional configuration. All you need to do is connect the device to the back of the console via a dual head connector and you're away.

As for charging controllers - both Sixaxis and Dual Shock 3 controllers can be charged in the T-X3, even when the console is off. Simply stack them vertically in their cradles and they'll be on charge until you next use them.

The rather snazzy-looking T-X3 Charge Hub PS3 will is available now, with a price tag of around £24.99.