It's another delay from the Sony camp, but this time with the Life with PlayStation application demonstrated earlier this year in Japan.

The application was originally set for a July release, later pushed to August, and now has been delayed again.

SCEA senior development manager Noam Rimon said they were "still pushing some paperwork" on the application and asked gamers to "hold tight just a bit longer".

To keep us all sweet, he has also released a little bit more information about what the app will be all about and what we can expect from it.

Firstly, it is going to be a free service, accessible directly from the XMB. It will feed live content to your PS3 with updates on things such as news and weather on an interactive global map.

Life with PlayStation will be combined with Sony's Folding@home project, meaning that everytime you use Life with PlayStation and Folding@home is running in the background, you'll be helping Stanford researchers cure diseases like Alzheimer’s and various types of cancer.

He concluded his post on the official PlayStation blog saying that all the team were working hard to get it completed for us, and encouraged us to "stay tuned". We'll do just that, so you don't have to.