Sony Europe boss David Reeves, has announced that PlayTV will launch in Europe from September to December, with the UK kicking it off on 10 September.

Reeves has also confirmed that the digital video recorder add-on for PS3 will allow users to record TV while they are playing games.

"It was very difficult for some of the tech guys but we had to include it in the firmware upgrade, 2.41, but it's done now", he said. Therefore, if your PS3 is up to date you'll be ready to record away come the 10 September launch.

It was announced at PlayStation Day back in May that Play TV would cost 99 euros when it launched, but this is the first mention of any concrete release date.

And elsewhere on PAL markets, there is also good news: "We've got Australia and New Zealand also lined up for it in January or February, because on their digital terrestrial they haven't actually set the standards yet". So everyone's happy.