It seems as if the "leak" for Sony's PlayTV add-on was well wide of the mark after all.

Despite the online retailer running a preview page recently claiming the device would launch in July for £60, Sony has now officially revealed it will launch in September for 99 euros - closer to £80.

The PlayTV is the product that will turn the PlayStation 3 into a fully-fledged digital (or personal) video recorder.

The delayed PlayTV gadget will boast dual TV tuners, so all current Freeview channels will be available, and offer a 7-day EPG.

Programmes will be recorded to on the PS3's hard drive to be watched back when it suits you but could also be watched on your PSP.

PSP connectivity will let owners set recordings, watch live TV and recorded TV programmes remotely on the PSP via a Wi-Fi connection – or you could transfer video files to your PSP via a USB cable.

The PlayTV's 99 euros will be a one-off purchase cost, with no monthly subscription fees.