Six days ago, we reported that the Sony PS3 is soon to be Blu-ray disc "Profile 2.0", or BD-Live, compatible, and today we have news of the first Sony DVDs to meet the standard.

The musical spoof Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story and the Schwarzenegger sci-fi thriller The 6th Day - will be the Sony Pictures Home Entertainment's first two BD-Live titles.

And they will arrive next month.

Both DVDs will include downloadable theatrical and home video previews along with a FAQ about how BD-Live actually works.

Walk Hard includes three featurettes that star Bill Hader as Derek Stone, a historian and expert "Coxologist", which are available only via the BD-Live download.

Other features expected from BD-Live titles in the future include ringtone and wallpaper downloads, live virtual events and - of course - games.

Other studios are expected to follow suit - but Lionsgate is leading the charge at the moment with two BD-Live releases - War and Saw IV, which arrived on shelves in January.

The Saw IV BD-Live DVD is the first to features an interactive Blu-ray disc movie blog, called MoLog.

This allows users to create and share comments on the film like, "Did you see how long he took to cut that guy's head off?" or "How many gallons of fake blood do you think they used this time?".

There's sure to be a whole host of other BD-Live launches in the coming months so watch this space.