The PSP could replace your mobile phone if BT has its way.

The telecoms giant has told Pocket-lint on the eve of the launch of its Go!Messenger service on the PSP that it is already planning a "call out" feature for the free software.

The Go!Messenger service will be available on the PC from the end of the month, however without the ability to make calls to non Go!Messenger contacts.

"It is a logical step to take with the software", a spokesman for BT told Pocket-lint of the plans to turn the PSP into a mobile phone.

The software, which was originally announced in August last year, will be available to all PSP users from 29 February and allow gamers to make voice and video calls to other Go!Messenger contacts from a Wi-Fi hotspots anywhere in the world.

"We are hoping that the 11 million PSP owners will want to talk to each other via video using the console", a BT spokesperson told us.

To use the video element of the software users will have to invest in the £35 PSP webcam accessory that bolts on to the top of the handheld games console - the Go!Cam.

BT is hoping that the software will appeal over Skype, also available on the PSP because of the video call functionality.

Users won't however be able to talk to anyone outside the Go!Messenger platform though.

Users will also be able to send video messages to multiple users.