Sony has confirmed the rumours that its handheld games console, the PSP is to get Skype connectivity.

The move will mean that PSP users will be able to use all the Skype features via a simple software update scheduled in late January.

Sony says that after updating the PSP system software, a Skype icon will be added to the Network category in the home menu.

PSP users who do not yet have a Skype username can register by clicking the icon and following the instructions. PSP users who already have a Skype username can immediately sign in by clicking the Skype icon and entering their username and password.

According to a statement from Japan, PSP users will be able to use virtually all of Skype's features including SkypeOut.

However the announcement does not confirm whether or not user will be able to use the optional video camera to do video calls.

We will keep you posted.