Crikey, blimey. We've barely got over the last lot of PS3 rumours that revealed price-cuts and a new 40GB model, but we've news incoming that Sony is planning a uber-specced 160GB version for the Japanese market. states: "Thanks to one of our reliable insiders, we have news that Sony is planning to introduce a beefed up 160GB PlayStation 3 console".

Left by a member on the site's forum, the deep-throat source reveals: "From inside Sony Computer Entertainment International's Japan offices I present to you leaked information on the new 160GB PlayStation 3 model that will be appearing in the near future.

Sony PlayStation 3 Code: CECHG06 (SPECIFICATION)

* 160GB 2.5 SATA 5400rpm HDD
* CELL Broadband Engine (65nm process) @ 3.2ghz
* PPU x1, SPE x8
* RSX GPU (65nm process) @ 550mhz
* Blu-ray Optical Disc Drive @ 2x
* Memory Card Reader - Memory Stick Duo, Compact Flash, Secure Digital
* 6x USB 2.0 ports
* 2x HDMI 1.3 ports
* 3x Gigabit Ethernet ports
* DUALSHOCK 3 controller

At the moment the unit is only confirmed for release in Japan. A date has not been fully specified but is expected after November."

Just speculating as to whether or not this latest bit of cyber-gossip has it roots in truth makes our heads hurt, so we'll leave it you to decide whether or not you think Sony wants to confuse things even more with another PS3 SKU kicking around the globe. Let alone one with such frankly unbelievable specs...