The 40GB model of PlayStation 3 will be available in Japan on November 11, Sony has announced.

The lower-priced, less specced model will come in two colours in Japan, original black and new PSP-esque "Ceramic White".

Apart from regional differences, and the white paint job, it appears to be the same model just announced for the UK as it will not feature backwards compatibility with PlayStation 2 titles.

In what is Sony's first official price cut for the console in Japan, models currently on sale in the region will have their prices reduced.

The 20GB version will now cost 44,980 yen, around £190, the 60GB goes down to 54,980 yen, around £230, while the new model comes in at 39,980 yen - the bargain price of about £180.

Also on November 11, Sony will release its Dual Shock 3 controllers in Japan in white and black.