Although still firmly in the realms of rumour, the 40GB PlayStation 3 seems to be getting more real by the day.

Engadget has been provided with some Best Buy documents showing a $399 PlayStation 3 with 40GB disk and Spider-Man 3 bundle with an "In Stock Date" of October 28.

Although it's possible this is a mocked up effort, the blog did verify the "UPC" code, so are treating it as newsworthy and are predicting an announcement on October 12th.

The 40GB PS3 rumours have grown from one insider source stating the new device was coming, via manufacturer info, taking in an FCC filing for a new PS3 model, and now this latest installment, a retailer leak.

Sony's PS3, although technically sound, has failed to make the impact the company had hoped for, with high retail price and lack of games hampering sales.

A cheaper 40GB version, $399 and speculated at the £300 mark in the UK, will really help to boost sales of the console in the lead up to Christmas.

We will keep you informed of any further developments.