Reports in Japan suggest that while Sony might be losing the battle against Nintendo in the console market when it comes to PS3 versus the Nintendo Wii, it isn't the same case for handheld consoles.

Tracking service Media Create in Japan is listing the PSP as selling almost 100,000 units last week with the Nintendo DS trailing second with 79,974.

The massive jump in figures is thought to be the work of game Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII, released earlier this month on the PSP.

Microsoft who according to the figures sold just 1243 Xbox 360 consoles is no doubt hoping for a swift turnaround following the launch of Halo 3 on Wednesday.

The results in full:

95,487 Sony PSP
79,974 Nintendo DS
26,181 Nintendo Wii
13,128 PlayStation 2
13,101 PlayStation 3
1243 Xbox 360