Sony has released sales figures for the new PSP Slim & Lite's first week of sales in the UK. It seems that the slimmer, lighter, ever so slightly revamped model has sold 17,000 units in its debut week.

"The first week sales have come in at 17,000, so around a four fold increase on the previous week", said a spokesperson for Sony Computer Entertainment Europe.

Sony's handheld has been enjoying success in Japan too - sales of the PSP there increased six-fold on the previous week's figures.

The device saw 95487 units leave the shelves in the week ending September 16. One of the reasons for the PSP's sudden popularity boost in its home country is said to be the release of Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII.

In other PSP news, the folk at Tech-On! have taken apart both an old PSP and the new Slim & Lite, or 2000 (as it's known in other territories) to compare the differences.

It seems the new version lacks the metal inner chassis of the original which goes someway towards the Lite-ness. There's loads more info, including pics, on the site if you want to see what the innards look like...