As well as the good news about the finally announced Dualshock 3 controller, Sony president Kaz Hirai had some bad news for gamers at the Tokyo Game Show.

It seems that Home, the interactive virtual world for PlayStation gamers has been delayed even further.

Due to launch this autumn, the service has now been put back to spring next year.

The launch of the service, currently in controlled beta, has apparently been postponed so that Sony can "truly meet the needs" of users.

Also revealed was that Sony has acquired MotorStorm creators Evolution Studios and its subsidiary Bigbig Studios for an undisclosed sum.

This purchase will help Sony create better games, a lack of high-profile titles is seen to be one of the reasons the PS3 is not doing well sales wise.

Hirai also denied news of a PS3 price cut this year - contrary to reports that the company are prepping a cheaper 40GB model and will lower the price of the 80GB version.