The Sony Ericsson phone brand has already enjoyed successful Sony tech team ups with the Walkman music player phones and Cyber-shot branded cameras so recent rumours, and the revelation of a patent, of a PlayStation-themed gaming-enabled mobile phone handset were not surprising.

In fact, these rumours were recently confirmed by Sony Ericsson games boss Peter Ahnegard at the recent Leipzig gaming conference. It seems that what's been holding back Sony Ericsson from developing a full-on gaming phone is that they haven't wanted to disappoint consumers with a half-hearted effort.

When PocketGamer asked Ahnegard: "Does that mean we can look forward to a PlayStation branded handset soon, say before Christmas?" the answer was revealing. Ahnegard said: "It's obviously something that we're looking at but right now I can't really comment. Before Christmas, certainly ... but exactly which Christmas I can't confirm".

To update the rumours further, the Mobile Entertainment website seems to have some inside info on Sony Ericsson's plans and say a gaming phone will be unveiled at the Mobility World Congress in February.

Apparently the new phones will not be PSP branded, as had been suggested, will offer a games-oriented user interface and styling, and feature motion sensitivity for Wii-like gameplay.

The motion sensing capabilities do ring true when you consider that Sony Ericsson recently introduced such features into its top of the range Walkman mobiles - proving they have the technology developed and ready to go. Roll on February...