The Wall Street Journal, citing "unnamed sources" has reported that Sony is planning full-blown movie downloads.

The thought of competing with existing established offerings from Apple, Amazon and most recently Blockbuster hasn't apparently put off the entertainment giant from planning the service.

The Wall Street Journal suggests that the, possibly high-def, movie downloads will be centred around the PlayStation 3, PSP, Bravia televisions and perhaps even the new video-capable Walkmans.

Sony recently announced the Go!Video download service for the UK, which will launch in early 2008, and will allow millions of PSP owners to turn their device into a personalised library of programmes to enjoy whenever and wherever they choose.

The choice of programmes available will include a diverse mix of Sky content, from sports, entertainment, movies, music and animation. This Sky-partnered launch also coincides with the announcement of the PlayTV add-on PVR for the PS3, again for the UK market.

It's assumed that the rumoured movie download could work via the PlayStation Network online service in the same way it does for Xbox Live users.

Sony owns movie studios so enjoys that advantage, but industry insiders are speculating that it would be a hard slog for the company to match up, and catch up with, current offerings.