Thrustmaster has announced the launch of the next evolution of the Run'N'Drive family - the Run'N'Drive Wireless 3 in 1 gamepad.

The Run'N'Drive has become wire-free for PlayStation 3, Playstation 2 and PC gamers using the 2.4GHz radio frequency technology that will allow gamers to play from distance of more than 10 metres.

Another technical enhancement is the inclusion of the PlayStation 3 Home Button while the pad has had a bit of makeover and now comes in black to look better with the platforms it's compatible with.

It still retains its distinctive eye-catching design styling which apparently Thrustmaster say gamers have endorsed via market research.

It includes the Optical Wheel with automatic re-centering for precision playing all genres of game, but in particular sniping, racing and sports games.

The signature curved triggers have been tweaked for better performance and comfort and the game pad remains fully programmable, thanks to the "Mapping" function and its internal memory.

All buttons, mini-sticks, the optical wheel and the triggers may be reassigned to better suit the individual needs of each player.

Run'N'Drive Wireless 3 in 1 for consoles will be available mid-September for £29.99, the PC version will be the same price and out at the end of September.