Reports suggest that Mitsubishi is developing a 3D next-gen disc player.

A CNET tech journalist has spilled the beans that the electronics company is furiously developing 3D Blu-ray.

Apparently whilst on a golf-day jolly said journalist, among others, was treated to a display of the 3D technologies the company is working on.

The demo was on "fancy 3D glasses" and involved film clips, sports footage and commercials.

Although the footage shown was created especially for 3D purposes, the Mitsubishi peeps revealed that:

"Mitsubishi apparently has a Blu-ray player in its labs that can convert existing 2D movies into 3D on the fly".

Even more exciting news for fans of stuff leaping out the screen at you, according to the reps, it may be available early next year.

As well as the Blu-ray disc player in development, it seemed even more revelations hinted as a PS3 version.

"Mitsubishi hinted that it was in discussions with one game console manufacturer to integrate the 3D technology into the system."

"The Wii's not capable of such feats and Microsoft's in the HD DVD camp, so one would have to assume it's Sony and the PS3."