Have you ever wondered what's lacking from your sitting room or bedroom? Could there be no atmosphere as you feverishly game away in the dark?

Well, Messiah Entertainment has stepped up to announce the Darklite product line.

Firstly, there's the Darklite DVD Remote, which is an ion-lithium powered DVD/Blu-Ray media remote for the PS3 featuring bright backlit buttons for visibility in the dark.

The ultra-thin, high-gloss black unit opens and closes much like a sliding mobile phone and includes a charging station, and is on sale for $29.99 come September 25th.

The other Darklite product is the Integrated Lightbar, a vivid lighting product for the PS3 that creates a unique atmosphere in the room while playing games or watching movies.

The Lightbar connects to the back of the PS3 and can be set to auto operation, which will turn the light on and off with the PS3. The light beam can be dimmed and brightened, and angled if desired.

Let there be light...