The Games Con in Leipzig is throwing up ideas all over the shop and none more intriguing than the possibility of a hard drive for the PSP.

Sony Europe boss David Reeves spoke of the concept with saying, "I think that it certainly is not ruled out".

"The only thing I would say is that the flash memory is simply so cheap - you can get an 8GB Memory Stick for under 100 Euros, and on 8GB you can get a lot of content."

"I think the big debate is - there's a point in time when you have to put a stake in the ground and say we're going to go with flash memory or we're going to go with hard drive. I don't think they've put that stake in the ground just yet", he added.

"So they're thinking about it - I think they'll get through Christmas and think about what the next step would be. You might hear more later."

Well, that all sounds very up in the air to us, but you never know, so keep checking back for details.