Sony has announced that next March, Buzz! goes next-gen with Buzz!: Quiz TV for the PS3.

The quiz title that transforms your home into a TV game show studio will also go world-wide via a Sofa vs. Sofa mode that will allow you to go online and test your quiz skills against any challengers.

Sony says that the Buzz!: Quiz TV gives you instant access to almost any subject you can think of, and will be supported by vast downloadable and user-generated content.

March will see the launch of the Buzz!: Quiz TV Blu-ray disc. It’ll contain 5000 questions divided into five channels with something for every quiz fanatic to choose from: The Music Channel; The Movies and TV Channel; The Sports Channel; The Knowledge Channel; and The Lifestyle Channel.

You'll be able to choose between playing a whole game with questions from a single channel or select "Channel Hopper" mode to take a random mix of questions drawn from all five.

Whichever way you play, the Buzz! studio and lighting – all now in high definition - will change to reflect the topic that you are being quizzed on.

Sony promises a "huge variety" of constantly-updated downloadable Quiz Packs available from the PlayStation Store on PLAYSTATION Network. Many will be specific to individual countries or even towns.

Sony has also announced the opportunity to write, upload and share your own quiz content on the all-new MyBuzz community site which links directly to the game – and then play them in the Buzz! Studio.