It was only a matter of time before someone would try to emulate the success of the Wii on other consoles and it looks like In2Games has stepped up.

The company intends to release six titles in time for Christmas including Realplay Tennis, Realplay Pool, Realplay Golf, Realplay Racing, Realplay Bowling and Realplay Puzzlesphere, all of which will go for £29.99.

To complement the games, In2Games are going to unveil motion-sensing peripherals for the PS2 games at the Leipzig Gaming Convention.

"The Realplay range of games is aimed squarely at those PS2 owners who want to play wireless motion-sensing games without needing to splash out on a new console", commented Elliott Myers, CEO of In2Games.

"Each peripheral is as accurate as any video gaming technology out there at the moment, but on an entirely new format."

"The games are fun, challenging and highly addictive, and the wireless peripherals offer the best way of controlling games on what will be this Christmas’ most popular mainstream console."