An amusing report from the NPD Group, the "Next Gen Functionality & Usage" study suggests that 40% of PlayStation 3 owners were not aware the console could play Blu-ray discs.

Further research showed that 50% of those that did know about the feature didn't use the console for watching movies.

Adding salt to the HD-capable wound, only 50% of those PS3-ers polled knew that their machine was even capable of high-def graphics.

It might console Sony's marketing department to know that the figure for Xbox 360 owner's knowledge of that console HD-capabilities came in at an even lower 30%.

Other notable results from the report mentioned lack of awareness about downloadable content from both Xbox 360 - but especially - PS3 owners.

The Blu-ray Group suggested earlier this year, with figures to back up the claim, that the PS3's Blu-ray playing abilities was helping them win the format war.